Gamer life

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Gamer life

Peyton Fiedler, Staff

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It’s 2 a.m. and Bryce Zuege sits in his room playing his favorite video game, Destiny 2, while the soft murmurs of the game system hum in the air. Bryce has played video games ever since he was a child, and has played them almost every day of his life. He enjoys first-person shooter and solo-mode games like Destiny 2 the most.

“It’s a great game to play with friends, and to kill time.” Bryce said. “It’s unique to all the other games I play, and it is the most challenging.”

Bryce and fellow student Kalen Wallin play multiplayer games together and enjoy playing with their friends, although they sometimes prefer solo because it is more fun, they said.

“In Domination, I focus on kills and getting points for myself rather than capturing flags and receiving points for our team,” Kalen said. “But I don’t play that much anymore,” he continued. “And I never used to play as much as Bryce.”

Nike Smith said he is a Nintendo player all the way.

“Single player has more features,” he explained. “One of my games had the best storyline. It made me jump and wheeze and even laugh.”

Nike enjoys Mario 64, Duck Hunt, Pokemon, Diddy Kong Racing, and other classic Nintendo games.

While Nike is more of an old-style gamer, Cydney Spady is more into role playing games, or RPGs.

“Mass Effect Dragon Age is my favorite, and I forsake sleep in the name of playing some of those games,” Cydney said. “As I continue to play more RPGs, the more high-strung and tense I get playing the games.”

Because her games are a little different than the ones Bryce and Kalen play, it is harder for her to pick out favorites that she enjoys, she said.

“I research the game first. Every game I’ve owned, I’ve played with positive results.”

One of her favorite games is Star Wars Knight Of The Old Republic, made in 2002.

“Everything it had visually was terrible,” Cydney said, “but the storyline is fantastic. I played it so much that is it pretty much broken. The characters’ dialogue skips over themselves and it just shuts down.”

What would these four students design into their dream game? Kalen, Nike and Cydney would all enjoy a sci-fi game, either in the past or future, with upgrades and a leveling up system. Bryce would like a more creative game with the ability to customize and be more on his own.

They may all play different games, but they all enjoy having another world to escape to.