Life outside of activities

Amber Stumpff, Staff

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At Chase County, there are many sports and activities that students can do, but not all students choose to participate. Some choose to either work after school or just go home and focus on homework and grades. Some choose to handle their life differently than others.

According to Tory Stott, a senior at Chase County Schools, he chooses to work after school instead of doing any sports or activities. He said he enjoys it more and likes doing other things with his time.

“I work at Subway after school instead of doing sports or activities,” Tory said. “I would play football every year if I didn’t mess up my knee when I was younger, but I would rather work. I like the money and it gives me more responsibility.”

Sports and activities can help students mature in many ways, but a job provides some of those same experiences.

“A job makes you mature more because it prepares you for the real world,” Tory said, “with things like being on time and saving your money. It also gives me a chance at making better choices in life and helps me make wiser choices on spending my money.”

Some students find sports or other activities stressful. For Tory, the working world has its own kind of pressures as well.

“I think that they are both very stressful, because even though you do the same thing over and over at sports or activities, you do that at a job too,” Tory said, “but you have to get your job done and do it the best before you can leave.”

Tory offered a few final words for students who work and those who choose to do after-school activities.

“Be prepared to work in life,” he said. “Be prepared to understand what the real world is like when you get a job and all the responsibilities you have to take on.”

Jorja Dannar is a sophomore at Chase County Schools. Jorga doesn’t participate in any activities or sports.

“I don’t do the sports or activities everyone else does, because I don’t like them and our school doesn’t offer the ones I like during this season,” Jorja said. “I work after school at Super Foods, but if I had to pick a sport that our school offered, I would do track because I like the throwing options it has to offer.”

Like Tory, Jorja feels that having a job has taught her a lot.

“I think that having a job makes you mature, more than doing sports. A job makes you always be on time, which helps you in the world. It helps you perform your best each day. It also helps you know what to expect in the real world.”

Jorja realizes that not everyone is the same when it comes to activities.

“Do what you want and what makes you happy,” she said. “Don’t be what people want you to be.”

Freshman Luis Gonzalez Marquez had a different take on extra-curricular programs; for him, downtime is important.

“I think that keeping grades up and focusing on school would be hard to do if I was in sports or activities,” he said. “I go home and watch Netflix movies after school since I don’t have an after-school job either.”

If Luis were to choose an activity, he knows which one would be his favorite.

“I would do basketball,” he said. “Also, in my opinion, I think that sports would help you mature more because I would have to run and keep in shape.”

Even though some students choose not to do a sport or activity, that doesn’t mean they do nothing after school. Many work, and some just enjoy their downtime. It’s a personal decision.