Students helping teachers

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Students helping teachers

Clarissa C. and Megan E. serve as aides for elementary teachers.

Clarissa C. and Megan E. serve as aides for elementary teachers.

Clarissa C. and Megan E. serve as aides for elementary teachers.

Clarissa C. and Megan E. serve as aides for elementary teachers.

Ragan N. and Eve A., Staff Writers

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Many high schoolers in Chase County are teachers’ aides. They help teachers with tasks such as grading papers, working with students, organizing classrooms and making copies. Being a teacher’s’ aide could help students gain experience, especially those who want to go into education.

Jadin B. is a teacher’s aide on the high school side. She helps Mr. Bottom.

“I make copies for him and on occasion I grade papers and tests,” Jadin said. “I even got to teach the class once when he didn’t have a sub,” she laughed, then added, “At least I told them what to do.”  

Not only do aides help the teachers, they can also build bonds with the students in the classes. This is true for Clarissa C., who TAs for Mrs. Bubak in second grade.

“They all have different nicknames for me, and I’m not sure where they come from,” Clarissa said. What does Clarissa like most about being a TA? “Being close with the kids, and helping them out,” she said.

In a classroom full of young students, it’s only a matter of time before something funny happens. Paulina O. TAs for fifth-grade teacher Mr. Ahlers. Paulina likes to interact with the students.

Her favorite moment involved a trip away from the classroom.

“One student went to the bathroom and came back with a soaking wet passbook, then told us the whole story about how it happened,” she laughed.

Being a teacher’s’ aide can create some humorous confusion, which Katelyn W. has experienced firsthand. Katelyn was helping a student when she said she was suddenly filled with wonder.

“I saw a boy in one outfit, turned around and thought I saw the same kid in a different outfit,” she said. “Turns out the boys were just twins.”

 Being a TA can show what it’s like to see something from another’s point of view. Megan E. TAs for two teachers, Mrs. Schilke during fourth period and all the kindergarten teachers during 8th period.

“I like helping the kids and seeing how they are compared to me,” Megan said. “It’s interesting how they misspell or mispronounce a word, and they don’t really understand why.”

Being a teacher’s aide gives students experience that they can use in the future, especially if they’re going into child education. Making copies, grading papers and tests, and helping the kids with crafts is all a part of being an aide, but the funny moments may be the most rewarding of all.

Katelyn W., Jadin B. and Paulina O. pose beside the rooms where they help teachers.

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Students helping teachers