Fall in Fashion for Colder Weather

Taylin McNair, Staff Writer

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Your alarm goes off, you lie in bed thinking about what you have to do today, and then you realize you have to go to school. You get up, walk to your closet or dresser and try to find the perfect outfit. For some people, picking an outfit may be the easiest decision, but for others, it may be the most difficult choice of the day.

Fashion is one of the ways that students express who they are at Chase County Schools. Whether it’s boots and a big belt buckle, flannel with Converse, or a big hoodie with sweats, you know you’ll see an eclectic mix of styles throughout the hallways.


Q: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?


Colby Taylor. A: Five minutes.


Mallie McNair. A: Thirty minutes. I’m a zombie when I wake up.



















Q1: How do you feel most comfortably dressed in fall?

Q2: How have you dressed most of your life?


Parker Dillon. A1: American Eagle shirt, Flex fit jeans, perfect fit long sleeve and Nike shoes. A2: Dressed the same, but when I wasn’t, I was wearing a big Winnie the Pooh onesie.


Katelyn Leibhart. A1: Jeans, cute shirt and sandals. A2: In junior high, I started dressing nicer, but only on some days.




















Q: What are your favorite places to shop?


Noah Griffin: A: Everywhere. If I like it, I’m going to buy it.



Lauren Gockley. A: Anyplace with athletic clothes.
















Q: How do you feel most comfortably dressed in fall?


Zac Space. A: Just simple—T-shirts, jeans and boots.


Rose Sullivan. A: I love wearing flannel, and fall is great for sweaters and scarves.



















Q: What’s your favorite look for guys/girls?


Mr. Zuege. A: Other than my son    wearing sweatpants everyday, at least blue jeans, and also game day when everyone is dressed up and looking nice.


Mrs. Bottom. A: Whatever they feel most comfortable in. You can tell when someone doesn’t feel right in what they’re wearing.