Football From The Sidelines

Jadin Bussell

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Football From The Sidelines

You’re playing left guard. You hear the word, “Hit.” The ball is snapped back to the punter. You watch the ball fly through the air. Suddenly you realize you’re the first one to make it down the field. You have your eyes on the returner. No hesitation, you go in for the tackle. Bam! Just like that, your season could be over.

This is a reality that all athletes face. This year, the number of football injuries at CCS seemed to grow with each game. Whether it was something major or minor, the team saw a man go down each game. One of these injuries was sophomore Kadin V.


“The doctors said six weeks, but I’ll be back in two” said Kadin, who took the optimistic view on his injury.

Kadin’s favorite part of the sport, hitting people, came back to haunt him. Kadin took a helmet to the chest during the Kimball game. He recalled that he couldn’t feel anything from his wrist to his collarbone. MRI results showed that Kadin had a hairline fracture in his right humorous. As one of the Longhorns’ key offensive players, losing him for the rest of the season would have been crucial; however, Kadin came back after two weeks, just in time for the Minden homecoming game.


Going in for the tackle is always a risk. You never know what will happen. Senior Zac S.’s shoulder popped out when he tackled a player from Gothenburg. He had to sit out the rest of the game and for the next week. Zac wouldn’t let his injury get to him. What was the hardest part of not playing?

“Watching us lose to Gothenburg and not being able to do anything about it,” Zac said. “I just feel bad when I sit out.”

While Zac was happy it wasn’t a serious injury, he took advantage of his time off the field to learn fine details about his position.

Zac spent time on the sidelines and up in the box watching for different plays to learn what he should be doing at those given times. Also while out for the next week, he made it his goal to encourage the team. He tried to help get the team pumped up before games. Zac wanted to come back and finish out his year strong.


Being able to play is an important aspect of any sport. For offensive lineman Hunter B., he already knew what it was like to sit out during the season. During the 2015 season, Hunter tore his meniscus. The tear didn’t get properly treated, so as a result, he got a new tear this year that required surgery. As this was his senior year, it gave him more motivation to bounce back from his injury. Luckily for him, he was only out for five weeks.

“When I saw a good play happen, I wished I could be a part of it,” Hunter said about his recovery period. “I missed the fun of it and being in the atmosphere after a good block or touchdown.”

Hunter returned to see three regular season games. He enjoyed being able to play some of the tougher games, such as Chadron, to end out his high school football career.

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Football From The Sidelines