Chase County vs Hershey- JV

Hershey’s number 24 tried to make a down but is tackled by Brock Leibhart and Cooper Dillan.
Colin O’Neil prepares to throw the ball down the field.
Colin O’Neil trudges through the Panthers, with assistance from Tyler O’Neil.
The Longhorns run to tackle the Panthers as they attempt to get a first down.
It is good! Jensen Olsen scores a touchdown and his teammates help let the crowd know that he is in the zone.
The Longhorns are down at the line waiting for the ball to be kicked.
Zach Herbert carries the ball down the field, while his teammates, Sean Heerman and others, block off the Panthers.
Easton Fries gets ready to throw the ball down the field.
It’s halftime. The Longhorns walk off the field, led by Zane Mays.
Morel Juardo kicks the ball to the Hershey Panthers. His teammates a close behind him.