How Covid-19 Has Effected Chase County Schools

The Chase County school year from 2019-2020, and this school year 2020-2021, has been completely different. In around March, the citizens of America experienced a very serious pandemic of the Coronavirus. Last year, Chase County Schools got canceled in late March, and didn’t go back into session until mid-August. According to a “New York Times” article, the first Coronavirus death in the United States, was on February 29, 2020. Shortly after, President Donald Trump announced a national emergency. Later, the C.D.C.Center for Disease Control) recommended no gatherings with more than 50 people. Soon after that, school got closed (Chase County Schools), and the students and teachers went to zoom classes online, and not a lot of people left their houses very often because the virus numbers started spiking.

Now that Chase County Schools is back in session, there are a few different procedures we have to follow and take every single day. The first one being wearing a mask. Everyone in the school must be wearing a mask throughout the hallways, open areas, pretty much everywhere but the classroom if the students are sitting down, the next rule everyone has to follow is checking temperatures. Before anyone comes into the school, they must have their temperature checked. The third rule is sanitizing hands. Before a student goes into a classroom, their hands must be sanitized first. The final rule is that before a student leaves the classroom, they must disinfect the desk that they were sitting at. 

Kourtynie made an interview to see how people in the school felt about all these changes that Chase County has experienced. In conducting interviews around the school to see how people felt, there were a couple different opinions. The reason Kourtynie interviewed people is because she felt  like everyone was handling this situation in their own, different way. Her first question was “How did you react when school got cancelled last school year?”, “Around May, how did you cope with the coronavirus news?”, and her last question for students is,”Now that we’re back in school, how have you adjusted to the new system?” Kourtynie interviewed eight people. She interviewed Tegan Towns (Senior at Chase County High School), Jolee Schoenholz (Junior at Chase County High School), Deb Blecha (Secretary at Chase County High School), Janet Martin (Aid at Chase County High School), Ella O’neil (Junior at Chase County High School), Sandy O’neil (High School teacher at Chase County), Valerie Dietz (Senior at Chase County High School), and lastly, Mike Sorenson (High School Principal at Chase County). 

The first question that Kourtynie asked for her interview was “How did you react when school got cancelled last school year? The majority of people said that they knew it was probably going to happen, and it was the best thing to do, but nobody really enjoyed it. I really liked Tegan Town’s answer. Tegan stated,” I was upset, however I understood why it got cancelled. “ 

The second question Kourtynie asked was,”Around May, how did you cope with the coronavirus news?” Most everyone said that they didn’t keep up with it, or that they just did something to stay away from it. Valerie Dietz stated,”I, myself wasn’t too worried about it. I kept up with where there were coronavirus cases, and if there was cases in a certain place, I didn’t go there. It caused me to stay home a lot. Janet Martin stated,”I knew it wasn’t prevalent in our community, because I didn’t see the effects of it here. “ Lastly, Mike Sorenson said,”I was still going to work. It was a surreal time because kids still should have been in school in May. It was very weird. “

The third and final question Kourtynie asked was,”Now that we’re back in school, how have you adjusted to the new system?” Tegan Towns said,”It’s a difficult change, but I know they are necessary changes. I would rather have odd new rules than lose all the activities I could do my senior year.” Deb Blecha said,”I like it, but it’s hard to wear a mask, I miss seeing everyone’s faces, but I know it’s for the good.” Valerie Dietz 0[;.lkjystated,”I’ve adjusted pretty well. Leaving class to go somewhere, I always forget my mask, and it’s annoying. But, other than that, it’s good.” Lastly, Janet Martin said,”I’m thankful we’re back in school, I want to be here physically, not online. I don’t like the masks, but I understand why we need to wear them. 

Kourtynie concluded that most people kind of stand on the same leg with opinions on what’s happening with the coronavirus, and how it’s affecting our school. Most people said how when school got cancelled last year, people agreed that it was the right thing to do at the time, but everyone was surprised. Most everyone said that they didn’t really keep up with the news on the pandemic. It doesn’t seem that people enjoy wearing the masks very much, just because they’re easy to forget about. Everyone seemed to have the same type of opinion.