CCS Art Collaborative Project

Val Dietz

At the beginning of this school year, the CCS art students came together to create one big art piece. The project was placed in the bulletin board in the high school hallway. The students created hot air balloons, 3 dimensional, and 2 dimensional, some created clouds, and all the seniors got their pictures taken to be placed in a hot air balloon. Chelsea Zuege, the art teacher, came up with the idea for this project. Here are some of her thoughts and the process she had when working with the students on this project. 

“ Every year I do a collaborative project with all the art students and I have several ideas saved and I thought this one would work well with the theme of 2021. I have been doing this with my classes for about 10 years and I have all my art classes work on these projects, which are 8th-12th grades. Younger students worked on 2d and the older students worked on 3d. Art 3 and 4 helped with putting the blue paper up and hanging the balloons and taking pictures of seniors and cutting them out.”


One student, Kourtynie Speaker said that the projects were easy for her since she did the 2-dimensional hot air balloon design. She also said her favorite part of the project was being creative and making the hot air balloon. The hardest part of this project for her was finding an idea for the design of her hot air balloon. 


Mrs. Zuege’s TA, Valerie, got to see all the students working together and finding new and creative ways to turn hot air balloon templates into beautiful pieces of art. She believes that this year’s collaborative art project was a good way to represent the graduating class of 2021 and truly brought everyone together.