Meet Sydney Schilke


A.B.: Where are you from? 

S.S. Imperial, Ne


A.B.:How old are you? 

S.S. 17


A.B.:What are your strengths? Why? 

S.S. I am a good communicator. I’d like to say I have a kind heart and that I am very creative. My dad made me talk to adults when I was little. My mom is creative and it was passed down to me. I care about other people’s feelings. 


A.B.:Three words to describe you?

S.S. Annoying, Tall, Beautiful 


A.B.:What makes you unique? 

S.S. I get a double shot of coffee.


A.B.:What is your biggest weakness? 

S.S. Unmotivated


A.B.:Tell me about yourself? 

S.S. Senior, Volleyball, Hangout with friends, Travel, Long walks on the beach


A.B.:Where do you want to go to college?  

S.S. University of Nebraska-Lincoln 


A.B.:What do you want to major in? Why?

S.S. Personal relations and communications. Again I enjoy talking to people and helping with their issues. I’ve always thought that you should major in something that comes easy and that you do naturally. That is something that has always come easy for me.


A.B.:Where do you see yourself in five years?

S.S. In five years I want to be just getting started with my career and hopefully in a serious relationship. I want to be completely living on my own and independent.


A.B.:Why’d you join the media?

S.S. They wouldn’t let me get work leave so I had to decide what other class I wanted to take. I also really enjoy designing things and I felt like a yearbook would be a good way to express that.