BTS “Shadow” Review


Kheren Guillen, Yubia Ramirez, Staff

“Shadow” is the new song just dropped by South Korean boy band BTS. The song is the trailer or interlude for their Feb. 21 comeback. (In Korean pop, every time an artist releases a new album or track, it is called a comeback.)  Only one member, Suga (Yoongi), performs the song “Shadow.” It is a hip hop/rap song; the lyrics have a significant meaning behind them.

Suga is talking about how he finally reached the top and achieved fame, but he did not realize how lonely and empty it would make him feel.

People say, in that bright light, it’s splendor

But my shadow rather grows even bigger,

swallows me, and becomes a monster

Going only higher, higher

I hate it

I pray, pray that I will be okay

The moment I’m flying high as I wished,

my shadow grows larger, beat down upon by that light

The first part of the verse is a specific example of how being famous is not easy. While Suga goes into the “bright light” his shadow becomes even bigger.

Fame can be suffocating and artists can lose themselves in it, which is what I believe Suga is hinting at. He seems afraid of losing himself to that shadow of fame.

BTS, and specifically Suga, are known for creating raw and powerful lyrics, and Shadow is exactly this.

Each comeback, many fans are left wondering if BTS is going to be able to top their previous work. They always manage to do this. Suga’s passionate rap makes me want to keep the song on replay. It is a strong track and I’m excited to hear the rest of the album.  


 The eye-catching music video for this newly released interlude that will be a part of the next BTS album is a work of art. Throughout the video, we see Suga running away from a group of people wearing all black who are literally trying to grab him, whether he is on stage or not. His life is always in the spotlight.

In one specific scene, he throws his microphone and breaks a mirror, which we interpret as a sign that he wants out of the spotlight because his life is being watched by everyone.

One great example of the sleek transitions in the music video is when Suga is literally pulled down into the next scene. He is off stage, but somehow still surrounded by the mob of people in black. Suddenly, the scene changes and he drops out of the frame and onto the stage, screaming his lyrics.

The video is full of graphic animations and flashing lights. It is vivid and powerful, helping to emphasize his lyrics.

We always get a clear view of Suga with no distractions. The lyrics resonate with the music video. The lyrics tell us that being famous isn’t easy.

At the end of the video, Suga stands alone and is attacked by the lights from the flashing cameras and cell phones that are always recording him. No matter how many people want a piece of him, he is still alone.