CCS Home Speech Meet

Sydnie Allen

Tegan Towns and Nike Smith practicing their speech for the next meet.

On Jan 11. the CCS speech team started their season with a home speech meet. The sole competitor of the Longhorns was Tegan Towns. Tegan won first place with a poem by the name of Drug Addiction.

“The scariest part of speech is that I’m an introvert, so pushing myself to go talk in front of people is scary. Throughout the years I have become thankful for speech because it has given me the courage to step out of my comfort zone and do more things” Tegan said. There are a total of 21 members on the team and four traveling to the next meet in Wallace. The members include Tegan Towns, Kobe Norman, Josh Starnes and Brayah Cazares.

“The kids have six meets left before confrence and districts” Coach Alex Schilke said.