An Unfair Trial


“Guilty Guilty GuiLTY GUILTY GUILTY” shouts the Chase County Schools One Act team. “The Case of Alex Hansen,” written by Alan Hanel, is a play following the story of Alex Hansen through a court trial. Alex Hansen has been accused of several heinous crimes, the worst of which is ”Attempted Negligent Homicide.” The cards are stacked against her as an accusatory Judge and prosecutor sway the jury toward a guilty verdict. The audience, alongside Alex, attempts to find out why she is being accused of said crimes.

The One Act team has put together numerous public performances of their play for both the High School and the city of Imperial.

On Nov. 25, “The Case of Alex Hansen” was pitted against seven other plays at SPVA in North Platte. The One Act team placed fourth out of the eight possible. Cast members Halle Fiedler and Nike Smith received the All Conference Cast and Best Actor awards respectively.

One week later on Dec. 4, The CCS One Act team competed at districts in North Platte against six other teams. Cast members Tegan Towns, Mercedes Peterson, Jorja Dannar, Brayan Cazares, Nike Smith and Halle Fiedler were recognized for their outstanding acting. The team’s efforts placed them fifth out of seven, thus bringing the One Act season to a close.