The Eyes Have It


Nike Smith

          The Chase County Schools Education Association challenged students of all grades to name staff members throughout the school, the catch being–students have to name the staff by viewing only their eyes. This activity was one of the games offered during American Education Week, Nov. 18-22.

          Over the staff of 85 members, distinguishing eyes could prove to be difficult. To help identify the staff members, they were divided up into three categories: Those who work with younger students, older students, or students of all ages. As of Nov. 22, the competition ended. The elementary/middle school division heralded a seven way tie between: Sharon P., Tilly F., Bree M., Alondra L., Yamilee A., Emerson B. and Avery B. The high school division ended in a four-way tie with Tegan Towns emerging victorious.

          Other activities for American Education Week included snacks, daily announcements and prizes for students and a thank-you note station. Students also decorated grocery sacks for use in the stores around town.