Advice from the manor

Sydnie Allen, Sophie Spady, Ashley Bubak and RIley Owens, Staff writer

Recently, Chase County seniors Ashley Bubak, Sophie Spady, Sydnie Allen and Riley Owens spent time talking to residents at the Imperial Manor and Heights. Their goal was to get to know each one on a more personal level.

One of the things the girls had in common with the residents was their time in school. They found that the residents had some advice for students today.

Wilber Kuenning
Joan Mathews
Dwight Egle
Carol Broz
Gerietta Morse
Don Brown
Pat Castor
John Karns
Sue Sis

Sydnie Allen- “My favorite part of this project was being able see the residents faces light up when asked about their personal life.”

Riley Owens- “I really enjoyed this project because the wise advice we received was very helpful and will be helpful for the rest if my life.”

Sophie Spady- “There was many reasons I loved this experience I was able to have with the residents. I really enjoyed just getting to sit and talk with them and learn more about them and their lives.”

Ashley Bubak-“As a high school student, it was fun to have a conversation with the residents. It was a different environment from school and I got to interact with people that I don’t see everyday.”