2019 Art Collaboration Project


Valerie Herbert

8th Grad Art and Art 1,2,3,4 came together to do this collaborative project.

Valerie Herbert, Student Editor

   Whether it’s an older sibling looking out for their younger sister, a member developing leadership skills in the FFA chapter, or someone devoting themselves to their church, each person plays a part in helping to create a masterpiece.

   This year’s collaborative art project shows this to be true. It’s a giant puzzle titled, “Each of Us is a Piece of the Puzzle”.  Each art student designs a single puzzle piece with what they are passionate about. The different puzzle pieces will then be put together to create one giant puzzle creation. 

   At the first of each school year, Mrs. Zuege has developed collaboration art projects as a way for her art students to come together and ease back into working on art projects. 

“I always feel like kids are sort of bogged down by things,” Mrs. Zuege said. “I like to do something that isn’t so overwhelming for them the first couple of days of school, and I also like it that everybody is a part of it. It’s kind of like a team effort.”

   Mrs. Zuege has wanted to do a collaborative puzzle for a while, but the preparation delayed her for a bit. 

“It was just kind of difficult for me to plan it, because of all the different kinds of pieces,” she said. “So, I had a little extra time, so I planned it out and that’s what came of it.”