Medalist At State Journalism

Daphne Lucas, Staff Writer

This year three students placed in the top 8 at NSAA Journalism Senior Joan Frias placed fifth in Sports Photography. Kadin Vrbas and Kalen Wallin placed sixth in Broadcast Journalism News Story for their report on the FBLA Krispy Kreme doughnut sales.

“I feel good about getting fifth at state, even though I feel I could have done better,” Joan said. “If anyone ever has the chance to submit entries in the competition, they should do so and try their hardest at making it the best they can do,” Joan added.

“I was pretty happy,” Kalen said. “I didn’t know that this project was going to make it to state journalism, so I was pretty excited to place in my event.”

Kalen said he learned a few things on the project, including the filming techniques that work best for editing.

“I feel that Kalen and I could have done better as a team and worked a little harder to get a better place,” Kadin said, “but I’m still proud of how he and I did.

“I would say that if you’re thinking about doing a broadcast project for journalism to go state, you should really work your hardest to edit and make it perfect and not waste any time,” Kadin added.