Ceiling tiles in the art room


As the senior scholars of the CCS art classes wrap up their high school careers, they are given a unique opportunity by their teacher, Mrs. Zuege. Members of the graduating class who have been art students for three or four years have the optional assignment of creating a ceiling tile piece to hang up in the art room.

“These pieces are a way for the departing seniors to leave their mark in my classroom,” Mrs. Zuege said.  

The piece pictured here was created by Landis Beverly. He decided to design his project with a personalized theme.

“I wanted to create something that symbolizes my life,” Landis said. “For example, in the bottom left corner is the mascot of the college I’m going to attend next fall, which represents my future, and the top right is the mascot of our high school, representing what will soon be my past.”

Listening to other seniors, several said this was one of their favorite projects so far.