Streaming the track meet

Mariana Medrano, Staff Writer

The Chase County Schools track teams had their first meet had their first home track meet, April, 16. As usual CCS is always trying to make everything better, this year the school is working to make events available online.

Mrs. Bottom’s media class decided that they could try to streamed the track meet for the first time. Those who helped were Devin O’Brien, Blaine Dorn, Kobe Clevenger and Trevor Peterson, what they did was to stream all the running events.

The streaming service is called Striv. They work with schools all over the state of Nebraska to stream events.

These students took turns commentating and running the camera. Mrs. Bottom said, “The students did a great job of covering all the events, including commentary. We received many messages saying thank you from people who watched the broadcast.”

The media class is planning to continue using Striv next year to cover school events.

“Everything went all right. I think that it would be cool if we could do some shoutouts other than that I like being there,”Blaine Dorn said.

You can check on Striv for the schedule of the upcoming items for streaming.

Here is the Striv channel link. Feel free to check it out and cheer for the Longhorns wherever you’re at  your relatives wherever your at.