Students helping teachers

Yeraldin Almanza, Staff

Every day during her third period class, junior Sydnie Allen helps Miss Haake in the kindergarten class. Sydnie is a student teacher’s assistant or TA. While she’s in the classroom, Sydnie assistis with a variety of things. She makes copies, helps with AR tests and IXL, reads stories and cuts out a bunch of different shapes.

Most days are predictable, but others are not. On the unpredictable days, Sydnie sometimes finds herself laughing.

“One day a kid picked his booger and went to the teacher and showed her,” Sydnie said.

All in all, Sydnie loves TA’ing and would definitely recommend it to other students. If she could TA again, she wouldn’t want to change grades because she enjoys kindergarten but she would love to help out one of the other kindergarten teachers.