Work After School


Daniel Jaquez, Staff Writer

Chase County High School has a lot of students, but after the bell rings some students go home and play video Games; Other have jobs.

Meet Nayeli Calderon (Senior) and Yamilet Najera (Junior), two students who after the school bell rings they decided to use their time working in at imperial manner,

Nayeli has been working for a year and a half and Yamilet has been working for one year. They began working in the kitchen serving meals and drinks or washing the dishes, Nayeli and Yamieli are known as CNA.

These two CCS students decided to spend their time working for the community, Nayeli and Yamilet enjoy working after school and like their jobs at the manor.

Nayeli said she would like to continue working in a job like this after high school, in whatever community she moves to.