Honking horns in band and jazz band


Band and Jazz Band conductor, Mrs. Strand, shouts out the name of the next song to her students

Horns honking, drums banging, and symbols crashing–to some, that is what band is all about. However, to the Chase County band and jazz band, it means much more than just that. With hours of practicing, traveling to competitions, and public performances, the group shares their love of music.

Band, meeting every day, and jazz band, meeting on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and every other Friday, are classes that affect many of the Chase County high schoolers and teachers. Band has 14 members and in jazz band there are 11.

Mrs. Strand, the band and jazz band teacher, says that her favorite part about teaching these classes is the kids. “I love the music of course but the kids are what make it fun.” She also went on to say that, “Almost every day there is a moment where I think, “This is why I teach.”” She also said that if she had to pick a single reason it would be, “The students getting better and better all the time. As they gain an ability then I think, this is why I teach. It all revolves, to me, around the students.”

With so many choices of instruments to pick from, it could be hard for some to choose a favorite; however, Heather Stumpff said that her favorite is the bass sax. “It’s lower and it’s fun to play and it gives the band a good sound because it’s low.”

Jazz band students attentively play their music

To most of the band and jazz band students, the hard work and dedication to their skill is very important to them. Though, to some, it might seem hard to start a new skill like playing an instrument. David Weiss said that if a person was interested in joining band to, “Just try it anyway” He said that his best advice would be to, “Work hard and practice. Even just practicing for 15 minutes a day, you’ll get good at it. And once you’re good at it, you’ll enjoy it and you’ll be proud of yourself. Just do band. It’s really fun and music is a really great thing.”

David also went on to said that the whole reason why he even started band was simply because of his love for music. “Trying new instruments is kind of my thing. It helps me in life,” he said.

He also said that he is glad he joined band because of all of the amazing memories he made because of it. “Playing in front of the courthouse in sixth grade with my friends, that was pretty memorable. Just playing instruments, which I love, and having fun with friends while I’m at it.”

Jozie Schilke fixes her reed and chats with her classmate

Overall, band and jazz band are two classes that mean so much more than just ink on a page to most of the students and to the teacher.