Teacher Life Dan Lenners

Nicole Brown-Cravey, Teacher Life

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Mr. Dan Lenners is a familiar face at CCS. He has taught PE and health at Chase County Schools for 39 years. He also serves as the head football coach. During track, he coaches the throwers for the girls team.

Lenners said he keeps a very consistent schedule each day.

“I’m at school at 5:45. I do all of my lesson planning before school, so after school and on weekends I don’t have to take work home,” Lenners said.

Lenners has enjoyed watercolor painting since he was a freshman in high school. He still manages to fit painting in with coaching and teaching.

“When It’s football and track season, I usually paint around 15 minutes to half an hour (a day),” Lenners said. “When football season and track are over, I paint however long I want.”

Lenners studied to become an art teacher at first, but said, “When I was a sophomore in college, the supplies were too expensive and I withdrew and became a health teacher.”

After all of these years, he said he’s never lost interest in teaching health and PE.