Youth enjoy summer trips

The group takes a break after a long day of helping out in San Diego.

The group takes a break after a long day of helping out in San Diego.

The group takes a break after a long day of helping out in San Diego.

Jade Allen, Staff

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This summer the Methodist and Lutheran youth groups went on missions trips. The Methodist youth group went to San Diego and the Lutheran to San Antonio.

Although they both went in the last week of June, they did very different things. The Methodist youth group partnered with local service organizations while the Lutheran youth group went to more of a conference. They visited different classrooms and listened to people speak.

Ryelee Christensen with the Methodist youth group said, ”I worked at a horse farm for underprivileged kids and cleaned out a barn.”

For the Lutheran youth, the trip was more of an educational experience.

“We would go to different classrooms in the college and listen to people talk about Jesus.” Riley Mintling said while talking about her trip with the Lutheran youth group.

Both groups got to enjoy the nice June weather. That included some fun games outside.

Devin O’Brien said through his laughs, “My favorite memory was Hayden [getting] hit in the face with a Frisby. He was trying to record and Bennett threw it, missed, and hit him in the face.”

Through the fun, the youth said they learned many things. They also learned new lessons from working with people who were in tough life situations.

“Stay humble and don’t take for granted what you have,” Hayden Bahler said.

Others on the trip said they had similar feelings.

Bennett Bauerle said, “We are very lucky here with what we have and what we have in our school, and how supportive our community is of our students.”


The Lutheran youth group posses for a picture.


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Youth enjoy summer trips