Conditioning week for winter sports

Nicole Brown-Cravey, Staff

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Conditioning week has started for winter sports. Official practice starts Monday, Nov. 13. This year 15 wrestlers are going out. Senior Caine Haarberg thinks the wrestlers will win tournaments and take a high number of competitors to state. It all comes from working for it.

“Conditioning week is hard, but it’s good. We are all getting in good shape,” Caine said.

Twenty-eight boys are preparing for basketball this winter. Senior Kass Cochran said conditioning has been really good.

“We’ve definitely picked up the intensity this year versus last year,” Kass said. He feels that the team has the potential to have a very successful season if they stay focused.

While the boys have been hard at work, so have the Lady Longhorns.

Senior Whitney Hopp said conditioning was rough but good for the 24 girls who are out for basketball.

“We are pushing to win SPVA and hopefully get to state this year,” Whitney said.